NELCAR, Inc. started in 1994 as New England Legends led by the sole dealer for the southern cars in the north, Gary Dunphy. The beginnings of the group were small with Gary selling a handful of cars to a few fo rmer racers in the state of Maine. The group would take their cars all over the state as an exhibition show to drum up more interest in the often called, “cute little cars.” With each exhibition, the group grew and formed a racing family with the drivers and crew members, who were often family and friends, meeting up for “Pit Parties” before the races or dinner after.

In 1997, Peter Prescott, owner of E.J. Prescott, took over the reigns of the series which had brought in drivers from all over New England. With this change also came a name change to MALCAR. The MALCAR Legends continued to race all over New England from Speedway 95 in Bangor, ME to Waterford Speedbowl in Waterford, CT. Many of the drivers also had gotten a taste of southern racing by qualifying for the INEX Legends Asphalt Nationals that were held at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, NC.

In 1999, Prescott moved on to form a Pro-Truck team and the MALCAR drivers decided it was time that they took over the series, forming NELCAR, Inc. The series’ top drivers joined together to form the first Board of Directors, which included past champions Doug Coombs and Ed Chapman. The drivers chose Jerry Major to be their race director, announcer, and series organizer. Fellow competitor Larry Poirier took over the Maine Legend Car dealership from Prescott and the series continued to expand. The popularity of the Legend Cars was most evident at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway for their 10-week Thursday Thunder summer series. Fans would pack the stands to watch the drivers battle for 20 laps or 15 minutes whichever limit came first.

The series also expanded its reach into northern New Hampshire and hosted many national qualifying races for the New England region. NELCAR was one of the premier Legend Car series in the country and was often visited by some of the top Legends drivers from the southeast. In 2000, John Gibbs of Livermore, ME took over the dealership from Poirier, and continued for the next decade.

In 2010, a new page was turned in Nelcar. Not only did Terry Kirk take over the newly renamed New England Legends Sales & Service from John Gibbs, but it was also the first time the Tour ran at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, on the newly configured quarter mile track in turns one and two on the morning of the September Sprint Cup Series race. Anthony Flannery went down in the record books as the first winner of the prestigous event.

NELCAR, Inc has brought together men, women, new, and former racers from all forms of the sport including motorcycles and stock cars. The atmosphere at the races is still open and welcoming where the drivers may compete ferociously on the track but will still join each other for “Pit Parties” and dinner. If you are interested in joining this staple of New England racing and being a part of its diversity please contact NELCAR.

Board of Directors

President: Mike Olanovich (207)423-3461

Vice President: Kevin Girard (207) 423-2138

      Secretary: Ed Getty                        (207) 329-3335

           Ralph Rice (207) 710-8759

           Darren Day                                                  (207) 298-9438

          Rick Paradis                                                 (207) 239-1462

          Terry Kirk (207) 353-2866


          Terry Kirk (207) 353-2866

                RACE DIRECTOR

         Rick Paradis (207) 239-1462