Updated 2-13-19
Pay particular attention to high lighted sections
1. As of the 2019 season Two- Way Radios WILL be allowed. Anybody using two way
radios MUST COMPLY with Inex rule #58 regarding radios on page 37 of the Inex
rulebook. For anyone not using two way radios the following applies: Mandatory
Raceceiver Radios, no driver will start a heat or feature event without a working
Raceceiver. No radio No race.
2. On the start of the race there will be no passing until after the start/finish line.
On a restart passing can be done on the outside only when the green flag is displayed.
There will be no passing on the start or restart on the inside until the entrance to #1 turn.
3. Rough driving, retaliation, verbal threats and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be
The following guidelines shall be considered and enforced by either or: race
NELCAR officials, directors and INEX. These are in addition to previously stated INEX
rules and consistent to NELCAR membership agreements.
Offenses may include but are not limited to;
• Moving of a competitor using the front bumper to better your position.
• using any part of a race car to move another competitor causing a spin;
intentionally or unintentionally
• blocking; continually moving from one grove to another to impede the progress
of another competitor
• retaliation; intentionally trying to wreck or spin another car
• verbal threatening on or off the track with intent to do bodily harm or damage to
another car
• assault resulting in actual bodily harm from one to another
• loud & vulgar language for public/track officials/other competitors to hear along
with negative actions or comments at any race event
• All competitors must be in control of his/her pit crew, friends, family, visitors in
the pit area you are responsible for their actions.
• No negative outburst about a track/official/rule or ruling/fellow competitor on
social media including but not limited to; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
• Minor offenses
• first offense; verbal warning and or written warning and or probation, may
include last place points or loss of points for that event
• second offense; written notice, possible fine, loss of points, start next 3 races at
the rear of lineup
Updated 2-13-19
• third offense to be determined by board of directors in addition to possible
suspension for part of or all of remaining season
• Major offenses
• first offense written warning, possible loss of points, disqualification from the
event, start next 3 races at the rear of lineup, possible fines
• Second offense; possible suspension, fines, loss of points, disqualification from
the event, subject to additional penalties from NELCAR and or INEX.
4. Three spin rule: (Definition of an event is - the time pit opens until pit closes and the
rear means - behind all participants)
If any driver spins out 3 times in one event (on their own) they will be placed at the
rear (heats and feature) for the remainder of the event. If during the heat or feature any
additional self-inflicted spin occurs, the participant will be done for that race. If it's
in the heat they will be parked and placed at the rear of the feature. If it occurs
during the feature, the car will be parked for the reminder of the night/event. This
rule will be self-policing by each participant and reported to any of the NELCAR
Directors for proper placement in the nightly races by that team/driver. Other
participants may also bring it to the attention of the NELCAR Directors for
action/clarification if needed.
5. There is one throw away race in the touring series for every 10 races only, none in TT.
DQ’S by either the INEX Tech official or track will count as a throwaway. Throw
away(s) will be the lowest finish(s) at any track, only one nonattendance per track can be
used as throw away. Rainouts are not considered as throwaway.
6. If you sign (your car) in to participate in any scheduled racing event and cannot finish
that race event you will receive a maximum of 50 points or if there are 24 or more cars
then it will be last place points. This only works for NELCAR/TT points, you have to
start the feature to get INEX points.
7. Rookies will start at the rear for 3 INEX races. After 3 races it will be determined by
the directors with input from the other drivers if the rookies are ready to be placed in
there regular starting position. Also, if by a vote of the directors with input from other
drivers a veteran will be put to the rear if a safety issue becomes a concern.
8. When going onto the track for race/feature event you will remain in single file until the
flagman tells you to double up. During hot laps if we get them there is no passing.
Anyone that causes an incident on the track during hot laps will be sent to rear.
9. Red flag: there will be no working on cars. After the red is with drawn you can work
on your car and form up at the rear of the field.
10. Feature points will be the INEX Points system, heat points will be 30 points for win,
dropping 2 point to 15th place which will be 2 points as will any position after 15th place.

11. The line-ups will be determined as follows:
Updated 2-13-19
If the track agrees the pole car only after the original start can choose inside/outside
on restart, all others fall in where they belong.
TT Event (there are no heat races in TT)
The opening day TT race everyone will draw for position.
After opening day
TT Feature
The race winner from the previous week winners, or any of the winners that did not make
the next scheduled race behind the most recent winners, will start at the rear of the field
IN FRONT of anyone wanting the rear. Cars that have been DQ will start at the rear of
the feature in last place for two weeks for the next two races they attend.
Points determine feature lineup. Once all cars that have been placed or want rear, the
remaining cars will be split 50/50 with the top points being placed in the front half of
feature inverted, the remaining cars will start in the second half of feature not inverted. If
there is odd number of cars, the odd car is placed in the second half of this lineup. Any
car that comes to race after the opening day race will be placed in the rear of the second
half of the lineup in front of rookies and anyone wanting the rear.

Any track NELCAR races at be aware that track could change the lineup, they have
the final say.
The opening day TOUR race heat lineups will be set by final practice time for position.
The fastest time will be pole in heat one. Second fastest will be pole in heat two etc., for
heat races. Where you finish in the heat will be the starting position in the feature.
Example is if you finish 1st in the first heat you’re on the pole, 1st in second heat your
outside pole, 2nd in first heat starts 2nd on the inside, 2nd in second heat starts 2nd on the
outside etc. Once the lineup is set, an invert will take place as listed below.
After opening day
***See above***
***In the event that one of our tracks doesn’t have a timing system, heat races will be set
by a random pill draw. Following the heat races, the lineup will be the same as listed
below for the feature.***
After opening day, the heat races are run as stated above and AFTER the winner(s) are
placed at the rear of the lineup, the pole sitter will draw a random pill that will determine
the amount of cars that are inverted to set the feature lineup. The amount of pills in the
bowl will be half of the amount of cars racing, up to 10 max. If there are over 20 cars, the
max invert will still only be 10 cars. If there are an odd number of cars, the amount of
pills will be rounded down. Here are some examples: 16 cars at the track= 8 pills in the
bowl. 19 cars at the track= 9 pills in the bowl (9.5 rounded down.) 24 cars at the track=
10 pills in the bowl. (10 car max invert)
The race winner from the previous week, or any of the winners that did not make the
next scheduled race behind the most recent winners, will start at the rear of the field IN
FRONT of anyone wanting the rear. Cars that have been DQ will start at the rear of the
feature in last place for two weeks for the next two races they attend.
Updated 2-13-19
(Any driver using a different car from the heat to feature or any driver not making the
heat race, will have to start at rear in front of rookies and behind the top finishes from
previous races.)
Any track NELCAR races at be aware that track could change the lineup, they have the
final say.
Tires will be marked that are on car prior to time trials. If tire/tires are changed after
qualifying or heats, qualifying times and/or heat finish will be disallowed, they will be
allowed to start in the rear of the heat/feature. Damage tires will be allowed to be
changed on a case to case basis with approval.
12. Line-ups will be posted after last practice for LEGENDS or 1 hr. before race time
and anyone that is late getting to track will start at rear. We need to do this so the
Track/Point coordinator can get the line-ups posted for you and also get the information
to the track officials.
13. When the lineup is called there will be 10 minutes to get your car in line. We don’t
have the time to make this a drawn out procedure. The track expects us to do this in a
timely manner. When the cars are called by the track to the staging area, anyone not
making lineup will go to rear.
14. Lineups for National Qualifiers will be the SAME as Tour races, with the exception
that previous winners will not have to go to the rear, and the winner of the National
Qualifier will not have to go to the rear for the next race they attend.
15. N/A
16. All cars will be required to have safety inspection by the INEX Tech Inspector before
racing in any INEX Sanctioned event. Every car that passes will get a safety sticker. It is
the responsibly of the car driver/owner to have this done. It is you’re responsibly to make
sure your car is safe, checking ahead of time will save everyone time at the track, if you
have any questions call either call INEX or the Tech Inspector. This is being done for
both you and your fellow racers.
17. It may happen that if the number of cars increases the weekly awards would possibly
change and if this happens the drivers will be informed.
18. To be eligible for the NELCAR or TT point’s fund and any other awards you will
have to make sure that there dues are paid by first race you attend if you want to be in the
end of year points fund or effective the first race you attend as a member. Membership is
not required for nightly payoff (refer to #26 for more info). The membership fee is
$100.00. If any nonmembers want to become a member after the first race the fee will be
$150. Applications are available from Terry Kirk (207-353-2866) or on bottom of home
page Contact info is also on the home page of the website
19. If there is a nightly sponsor for TT the payoff will be as follows: 1/3 to NELCAR, 1/3
to TT points fund and 1/3 to a driver participating in that race. The driver will be
determined by the winner of the race drawing a number, (the numbers will be the total
number of cars in that race) and the number drawn will be that finishing position for that
car. Example: if #5 is drawn then the 5th place car receives the award; this is addition to
Updated 2-13-19
what 5th place would pay. No one car can receive more then 2 draws per year. If you have
had 2 draws that finishing position will not be placed in the “hat”.
20. All drivers are required to sign the sign in sheet as soon as possible; this facilitates a
speedy line up calculation. Failure to sign in will result in being put to the rear of the
21. All drivers are required to make the drivers meeting. DRAWING FOR LINEUP
WILL BE DONE AT THIS TIME (if applicable). Time for the meeting is one hour
before track racing starts or after last practice if it is less than one hour before track
racing starts. Failure to make the meeting will result in being put to the rear of the field. It
is the solely the drivers reasonability to do this.
22. It will be mandatory that all drivers/cars that participate that scheduled night go out
front to meet fans and sign autographs. If you choose not to participate, you will forfeit
all TT earned points/moneys for that nightly event, INEX points will not be affected.
23. Mufflers are required at all tracks.
24. It is asked of all drivers and any pit crew; fan etc. that signs in the pit that they write
LEGENDS after their name so the track knows a count of legend people going in pit.
25. Car #’s are issued by NELCAR on a first come basis with one exception. If you are a
NELCAR member and have a # issued to you that will be your #, NELCAR will hold that
# for you for one year after your membership expires and at that time it will be reissued
on a first come basis. If you choose not to be a member that #could be reissued the next
year unless you have called to see if the # you want is still available. Car #’s are available
from Terry Kirk (207-353-2866).
26. Membership forms have to be filled out and returned to NELCAR even if you do not
want to be a member. IRS requires a tax ID # or SS#. To receive any money for racing
this info is a required. To save time for everyone forms can be downloaded,
( filled out and mailed to address on form.
27. To be Rookie of the year (NELCAR and/or BRMS thunder series): Racing in Legend
car for the first year (min of three races).
28. Nelcar touring series points WILL NOT INCLUDE THE Thursday thunder series.
29. N/A
31. A three pound (min) fire extinguisher will be required, to be placed at the rear of open
trailers so if a fire is detected in pit anybody can have easy access. If you do not have one
Nelcar will purchase one for you out of your race payout. This is being done for the
safety of all racers.
32. NELCAR Fuel Exception
VP MS98L is a legal fuel for Nelcar as delivered by VP and is approved for use at all
Nelcar events as voted on by the Nelcar Board of Directors. All other fuels must meet
INEX specifications as identified in Item 30 Fuel on page 51 of the INEX Rulebook.